Staking Mechanism

In our staking system, participants earn from two reward types: 50% of daily in-app BNB voting revenue and a share of a 7,200,000 SNS token pool, distributed at 10,000 SNS daily over two years. Rewards for both SNS and BNB are based on each staker's proportional weight in the system. For instance, if your stake represents 1% of the total, you'd earn 1% of the daily 10,000 SNS (100 SNS) and a similar share of the BNB revenue. This percentage is calculated by comparing your staking weight to the total combined weight of all staked positions.

Position(A1)Yield=Weight(A)/ΣWeight(An)Position(A1)Yield = Weight(A)/Σ Weight(An)

Weight Calculation: Staking weight is based on the staked amount, staking duration, and amount of staked DJ Node(s) (Optional).

Weight=Number of SNS Staked×Staking Duration Multiplier×(1+DJ Node Multiplier)

In this formula:

  • "Number of SNS Staked" refers to the amount of SNS tokens that a user has put into staking.

  • "Staking Duration Multiplier" is a factor that increases based on the length of time the user commits to staking their tokens.

  • "DJ Node Multiplier" is an additional factor that increases the weight based on the number of DJ Nodes the user stakes.

Note: Once a staking position is confirmed, it will be locked for the time duration chosen. This means that users will only be able to claim their $SNS, DJ Node(s) & rewards after the lockup and vesting period have ended.

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