Beatmint AI Beta(Web page)

The BeatMint AI web page version is live now!

Following an explosion of creativity on the Sonorus Discord Server, where thousands of vibrant compositions and captivating lyrics have flourished, we're thrilled to unveil this next-level platform. Designed to empower creators with unparalleled freedom, versatility, and boundless potential, the BeatMint AI webpage is poised to revolutionize the music-making experience.

Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Your all-in-one destination of BeatMint AI

The updated BeatMint AI's webpage version is your all-in-one destination for seamless music creation. With everything consolidated onto a single page, enjoy unprecedented convenience and direct access to your creative journey. Now, effortlessly input prompts, track your available credits, monitor your credit consumption, and conveniently browse through your catalog of created songs – all within a few clicks. Experience unparalleled ease and efficiency as you dive into the world of musical expression like never before.

The New Utility of $SNS

Embracing user-friendliness while pioneering innovation, we proudly introduce the new utility of $SNS for acquiring additional credits within BeatMint AI.

With an irresistibly accessible price point of just 5 $SNS per credit, the integration of $SNS into the BeatMint AI brings Sonorus to the new era. It not only addresses the demands of producing high-quality musical creations, but also marks a significant milestone in the evolution of digital asset utility. This innovative integration aligns perfectly with the aspirations of creators seeking a more inclusive creation experience. By offering such a compelling price, the barrier to entry for music creation is dramatically lowered. So it fosters a more diverse and vibrant creative community, as aspiring every user from all backgrounds can now participate in the creative process with ease. Therefore, the new utility transforms $SNS from mere assets into dynamic tools for creative expression.

Moreover, the introduction of SNS's new utility signifies a broader Sonorus ecosystem. As the demand for $SNS grows alongside its expanded utility, we can expect to witness a surge in activity within the BeatMint AI community and the Sonorus platform. This influx of engagement injects new momentum into the ecosystem's continuous growth, enhancing its overall value and solidifying its position as a leading hub for music creation and collaboration in the Web3 landscape.

As BeatMint continues to evolve, the introduction of SNS new utility represents a pivotal step towards a more seamless, interconnected, and rewarding music creation experience for all. It not only opens the door to a new chapter of $SNS tokens, but also a mega Sonorus ecosystem in the near future.

The unwavering privileges of DJ Node Holders

Moreover, in our commitment to honoring the invaluable contributions of our esteemed DJ Node holders to the Sonorus ecosystem, we are proud to announce that your exclusive privileges remain intact and further enhanced.

As staunch supporters and integral pillars of our community, DJ Node holders continue to enjoy special benefits tailored to recognize their dedication.

  • Free credits every week. Every Monday at 00:00 UTC, DJ Node holders receive a generous allocation of complimentary credits, equal to 5 times the number of nodes they hold – a token of appreciation for their unwavering support.

  • 80% discount when purchasing additional credits. DJ Node holders revel in an exclusive 20% off, underscoring our gratitude for their pivotal role in driving innovation and fostering creativity within our vibrant community.

These privileges not only signify our unwavering commitment to our most dedicated members but also serve as a testament to the profound impact they have on shaping the future of music creation and collaboration within the Sonorus ecosystem.

With the webpage upgrade and the seamless integration of SNS with BeatMint AI, we're not just simplifying the creative process – we're democratizing it. This groundbreaking synergy empowers enthusiasts to craft their own personalized melodies, dedicating heartfelt creations to the passions they cherish. In essence, the symbiosis between SNS and BeatMint AI not only underscores their sophistication and forward-thinking nature but also foreshadows a radiant future of boundless possibilities.

Join us and step into the bright future of AI music today!

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