/beatmint Command Usage

/beatmint Command Usage

When users input the /beatmint command in the #Create-Now Channel followed by their musical prompt, the bot processes this input and returns a generated music piece based on the provided description

  • Input Format: /beatmint + "Prompt description"

    • The prompt cannot be empty and must not exceed 200 characters.

    • To protect intellectual copyright, prompt does not support entry of artist and song names.

  • Bot Responses:

    • If the prompt is too long, the bot informs the user, "Prompt cannot exceed 200 characters."

    • If the user has exhausted their weekly usage, a message indicates the next available time for usage.

    • During generation, a "Generating..." message appears, which updates based on the outcome:

      • On failure, due to various potential issues, it changes to a generic error message. (generations might take up to 1 minute)

      • On success, it updates to show the remaining usage count and displays the generated content visibly to all.

Generated Content Display

Successful generation results in:

  • Two audio files named song name, links directed to the music files.

  • The original prompt and generated lyrics are displayed, organized into two columns for each audio file.

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