User guide for BeatMint AI webpage

On the BeatMint AI webpage, users can seamlessly fulfill creations while accessing all the essential information they need.

How to create and check your creations

After logging in and gaining access to the BeatMint AI webpage, you can start the creative process by entering prompts to generate songs. You can then easily find all creations neatly listed under the 'My Songs' section.

Stay informed of your creations with the status indicators alongside each record.

  • The "Play" icon means successful creations

  • The "wrong" icon means failed creations

You're also free to filter creations by activating the "Only Succeed" button.

Clicking on the 'Play' icon allows you to delve into the details of your creations, providing details such as the creation date, original prompt, and full lyrics.

How to recharge

On the BeatMint AI webpage, you'll find a clear display of your available credits for song creation, encompassing both free and paid credits.

  • Free credits: For DJ Node holders, credits are automatically allocated based on the number of nodes owned. Each node yields 5 credits weekly, reset at 00:00 UTC every Monday. Please note that unused credits do not carry over beyond the weekly reset.

  • Paid credits: Anyone can acquire additional credits using $SNS. Each credit is equivalent to 5 $SNS, and we offer convenient credit bundles for quick purchases. Moreover, DJ Node holders receive a 20% discount when making purchases.

Simply click on 'Recharge' to initiate the recharge process. With straightforward steps to interact with your wallet, you'll effortlessly complete the top-up procedure.

For further guide or questions, please join Sonorus Discord:

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