What are the benefits of owning a DJ Node?

The DJ Node serves as a foundational membership badge, allowing Sonorus Angel Producers to actively participate in the governance of the Sonorus ecosystem.

How do referral rewards work?

One-time Cashback: After a successful DJ Node referral sale, referrers earn a one-time cashback in USDT. The amount is determined by the sales of the referred DJ Nodes in each transaction.

Daily SNS Rewards: In addition to the one-time cashback, referrers also receive daily SNS rewards based on the total spending of their referees. This is on top of their regular daily token rewards.

Can I transfer my DJ Node to someone else?

This feature is currently under consideration.

Will the price of DJ Node change in the future?

Yes, the pricing structure is dynamic. The initial 10,000 DJ Nodes are priced at 600 $USDT each. After that, for every 100 DJ Nodes sold, the price increases by 25 $USDT.

Which wallets are supported for DJ Node purchases?

You can use MetaMask or WalletConnect to buy a DJ Node.

I just bought a DJ Node but can't see it. Where is it?

After purchasing, it might take up to 30 minutes for the on-chain transaction to be verified. Once it's verified, you can view your DJ Node(s) by clicking on "DJ Node Rewards" on the Dashboard.

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