DJ Node Purchase

DJ Nodes are only available for purchase on Sonorus's official website, and all invited users can purchase an unlimited number of DJ Nodes.

Sign in

  1. Log in or sign up through the Official Sonorus Website

  1. Connect your wallet: Select MetaMask or WalletConnect to connect with your wallet

  1. Please make sure you've switched to the "Binance Smart Chain" (BSC) network within your wallet before signing your wallet. Please follow the instructions here to add the BSC network to your wallet:


  1. Click the "BUY" button to purchase DJ Node after signing in (and successfully connecting your wallet).

  1. On the Check out window, you need to:

👉 Enter and submit an eligible Referral Code (Please attention that your referral code cannot be changed after submission)

👉 Select the quantity of DJ Node

👉 Read and Confirm Terms & Agreements Check Boxes

  1. Once the above information is filled out, please select the wallet of your choice: "MetaMask" or "WalletConnect" to connect the wallet. Again, please make sure to change your network to "Binance Smart Chain" before purchasing.

  1. Please confirm the spending cap request for the purchase. The default cap is automatically set to the total amount of $USDT required to purchase the amount of nodes you've selected. (make sure there is are enough funds in your wallet to complete the purchase)

  2. You will receive the successful purchase notification once the transaction is approved. It may take a few minutes to confirm the on-chain transactions.

Check your DJ Node

  1. You can enter the dashboard page after a successful purchase or through the dropdown menu (top right) under your profile picture.

  1. On the dashboard, you can check:

👉 Your Referral Code

👉 The total number of DJ Nodes you are holding

👉 The total $SNS token you've been rewarded

👉 The $USDT token you've earned through referring others

👉 Your daily Node Incentive and daily Referral Incentive

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