SNS Tokenomics

$SNS, the native governance token of the Sonorus Protocol, is designed to serve as the cornerstone of our ecosystem. As a governance token, $SNS empowers holders with decision-making authority, allowing them to steer the future development of the Sonorus platform through a democratic and decentralized voting process. This token is not only pivotal for current governance but will also play an important role in shaping the project in the future. In addition to providing voting rights, $SNS holders will be able to engage with key features such as staking rewards and a host of other utilities that will further embed the token as a fundamental component of the Sonorus experience.​ ​

Total Supply: The Sonorus network will have a total of 1 billion $SNS tokens.​ ​

Daily Distribution: $SNS is distributed to our DJ Node holders according the the following model:​

  • $SNS for each DJ Node = Total daily $SNS for distribution / Total number of DJ Nodes sold.​

  • All DJ Nodes will get $SNS rewards every day.​

  • In the first year, 300,000 $SNS will be given out daily to DJ Node holders.​

Halving Mechanism:​

The daily $SNS for DJ Node holders will be cut in half over time. The first time this happens is at the end of the first year. So, in the second year, DJ Node holders will get half of what they got in the first year. In the fourth year, they will get only 25% of the first year's amount. This pattern will continue every 2 years.​

Token Supply Estimation Schedule:​

*Note: With our app update V4, $RUS will no longer be the trading currency within our app to simplify the process for users.​

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