Token Overview

Total Supply: The Sonorus network will have a total of 1 billion $SNS tokens.

Platform: The $SNS tokens will be made on the BSC (BNB Smart Chain).

Exclusive Token Rewards for DJ Node Holders

Daily Distribution: To know how much $SNS each DJ Node gets daily:

  • $SNS for each DJ Node = Total daily $SNS for distribution / Total number of DJ Nodes sold.

  • All DJ Nodes will get $SNS rewards every day.

  • In the first year, 300,000 $SNS will be given out daily to DJ Node holders.

Halving Mechanism:

  • The daily $SNS for DJ Node holders will be cut in half over time. The first time this happens is at the end of the first year. So, in the second year, DJ Node holders will get half of what they got in the first year. In the fourth year, they will get only 25% of the first year's amount. This pattern will continue every 2 years.

Token Supply Estimation Schedule:

The information presented includes hypothetical, forward-looking/or projected figures. Actual figures may differ from those projected.

DJ Node Referral Rewards

When you refer others to the Sonorus Network and they purchase using your Node referral code, you unlock the following additional rewards:

One-time Cashback: After a successful DJ Node referral sale, you'll receive a cashback in USDT. This isn't just a flat rate; you'll get between 10% to 15% of the total sales value of the referred DJ Nodes once the purchase is finalized.

Daily Referral Rewards: Beyond the one-time cashback, you'll also benefit from additional daily referral rewards in $SNS, based on your number of referrals.

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