Staking Guide

Steps to claim and stake your $SNS are easy as follows.

Step 1: Click "Stake" Button on official site, go to the dashboard of your Staking, and click the "Stake Now" button.

Step 2: Set the details of your staking, including the amount of $SNS, duration, and the number of DJ Nodes you want to stake for boosting.

Staking will succeed after a few more steps with your wallet.

Step 3: Check your daily revenue under the Staking label on your dashboard

All relevant information is integrated in this page, including the total staking pool, and the current average $SNS APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Also, you can add more staking, and check your revenue of each staking on this page.

Step 4: Claim your $SNS & staking rewards after lock & vesting period have ended

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