DJ Node Product

DJ Node Introduction

Sonorus DJ Nodes grants exclusive access to the forefront of shaping the decentralized music landscape This unique Node empowers its holders to come together in amplifying music discovery and promotion. By being a part of this collective, DJ Node holders play a pivotal role in shaping the direction of our music movement. As the ecosystem evolves and thrives, they stand to reap the collective benefits and rewards that come with it.

DJ Node Holder Exclusive Benefits

Exclusive Token Rewards

  • As a DJ Node holder, you are entitled to daily $SNS incentives as rewards for participating in the ecosystem.

  • Starting from Oct.1, 2023, every DJ Node holder will begin receiving these daily $SNS incentives, and this will continue indefinitely.

  • In the first year, a total of 300,000 $SNS will be evenly distributed among all DJ Node holders daily. After the first year, the initial halving will take place on Oct.1, 2024, reducing the daily rewards to 150,000 $SNS. Following this, a halving event will occur every 2 years.

Enhance Governance Power

  • Voting

    As the Sonorus network evolves, DJ Node holders will be privileged with enhanced participation in its decentralized governance. This means they'll have amplified voting rights, ensuring their voices are heard and their opinions shape the network's future trajectory.

  • Music Nomination

    DJ Node holders will soon have the exclusive right to engage in music nominations and campaign launches. These activities form the cornerstones of the Sonorus music catalog system, emphasizing the importance of their role.

  • Revenue Sharing

    Beyond governance and nominations, DJ Node holders stand to benefit from revenue-sharing mechanisms, allowing them to earn a slice of the revenue from music transactions within the Sonorus Network.

Additional Rewards

  • Airdrop Opportunities

  • Exclusive Perks and Privileges

  • Priority Rights to Music Nomination


There's a cap on the number of DJ Nodes available. Only 50,000 DJ Nodes will ever exist, ensuring their exclusivity. Once all are sold, no more will be created.

  • Initial Pricing: The first 10,000 DJ Nodes are available at a special rate of 600 $USDT each.

  • Dynamic Pricing: After the initial 10,000, the price of the DJ Nodes will adapt based on demand. Specifically, for every subsequent batch of 100 DJ Nodes sold, the price will increase by 25 $USDT.

DJ Nodes can only be acquired through the Sonorus official website. Moreover, invited users have the liberty to purchase as many DJ Nodes as they desire, without any restrictions.

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