Purchase Price Mechanism

Initial Pricing:

  • Every song introduced on the Sonorus platform starts with a base price of 0.0002 BNB.

Dynamic Music Vote Pricing Based on PopularityBuying Price Mechanism:

  • Introduction of Popularity Parameter: The buying price of votes now includes a 'popularity' factor, reflecting the current popularity of a song.

  • Popularity Calculation: Popularity is calculated using the formula (n-1)/8000, where 'n' is the number of votes sold.

  • Price Increase with Popularity: As a song becomes more popular, its price increases more rapidly. The new buying price formula is: Buy price for VoteN = Price for VoteN-1 + 0.000002 (current increment) + Popularity.

  • Popularity Decay: Popularity value decreases by 10% every 2400 blocks (~2 hours) without new purchases, resetting to zero if unaltered.

  • Bulk Buying Pricing: When multiple votes are purchased in one transaction, all votes, except the first, are priced at the highest price, as per the formula.

Buying Example:

  • If Song A has sold 1000 votes at a price of 0.0022 BNB, and a user buys 3 votes, the total vote price is calculated as: 0.0022 + [(1002-1)/8000] + [(1003-1)/8000].

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