How to get a correct Spotify share link

Get the song you want to nominate on the Sonorus App.

Click on the three dots beside the "❤️Save to library" button, and choose "share" and "copy song link" to get the correct song links.

To obtain the correct link for nominating a song, follow these five steps:

  1. Search for the desired song within the Spotify App.

  2. Navigate to the song's detail page.

  3. Locate and tap on the music playback bar located below the page.

  4. On the song-playing page, find and select the "share" button.

  5. Copy the link provided on the sharing page.

This process will ensure you have the accurate link needed for nominating a song.

Note: Sonorus only accepts the correct Spotify links with the format: For example, the links can be:

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