DJ Node Multiplier (Optional)

The Sonorus staking program offers a unique opportunity for DJ Node holders to amplify their staking benefits. By choosing to stake one or more DJ Nodes, you're not only participating in our staking program but also leveraging the additional rewards that come with your Node. Here's how it works:

Dual Earning Mechanism

  • Continued SNS Rewards: Even while staked, your DJ Node continues to earn the regular SNS rewards. These rewards are seamlessly integrated into your staking position.

  • Additional Staking Rewards: On top of your regular Node rewards, you also earn staking rewards. This dual-earning mechanism enhances the overall yield of your investment, providing a compounded benefit.

Locking Up DJ Nodes for Added Benefits

  • Node Lock-Up: When you stake a DJ Node, you're essentially locking up the Node along with its daily rewards into a staking position. This means that while your Node is staked, it continues to accumulate rewards, but these rewards are now part of your staking balance.

  • Automatic Reward Addition: The daily rewards you earn from your DJ Node are automatically added to your staking position. The DJ Node daily incentives are added into the staking principle day by day, meaning the weight of your position will automatically increase during the staking duration.

DJ Node Multiplier = Sqrt(DJNode Amount)/2DJ Node Multiplier = Sqrt(DJ Node Amount)/2

Without DJ Node

  • A user stakes 1000 SNS for 6 months.

    • Weight = 1000 (SNS Staked) × 1 (Staking Duration Multiplier, as 6/6 = 1) = 1,000.

With DJ Node

  • The same user stakes 4 DJ Nodes + 1,000 SNS

    • DJ Node Multiplier = Sqrt (4)/2 which in this case would be 2/2 =1 Weight = 1000 × 1 (Staking Duration Multiplier) × (1 + 1) = 2,000.

* In this case users would stake more than 1,000 SNS due to node yield being included in staking amount this is just an example calculation to show the difference between weight calculations.

* Every DJ Node can only be staked in one staking position to boost the staking weight of that specific position.

* In our staking system, the rewards for any given day (T) are calculated on the following day (T+1), so if you stake your tokens today, you can view your first rewards as early as tomorrow in the dashboard.

* When you stake your DJ Node in our system, the incentives generated by the Node are continuously added to your staking amount. These incentives will keep accumulating in the staking position even after your staking period has ended until you decide to claim all of your staking amount & rewards after the staking duration and vesting period.

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