Music Nomination

The Sonorus platform offers a unique opportunity for users to introduce new songs to the community. This mechanism ensures that the platform remains fresh with content, reflecting the evolving tastes of the community and providing artists with a direct channel to introduce their music.

Nomination Fee: To maintain the quality and authenticity of the content, nominators are required to pay a fee. For every song nomination, a fee of 0.1 BNB is charged.

Nomination Process:

  1. Fee Payment: Once the nominator pays the 0.1 BNB fee, the song is eligible for introduction to the Sonorus App.

  2. Instant Addition: Unlike traditional platforms where there might be a waiting period or an approval process, Sonorus ensures that as soon as the nomination fee is paid, the song is added to the platform. This ensures a seamless experience for nominators and rapid content refreshment for the community.

Benefits for Nominators:

  1. Earnings from Votes: Nominators currently earn a fixed percentage of 5% for all the votes a song receives. This mechanism ensures that nominators are incentivized not just to introduce songs but to share potential hits and trends early.

  2. Spotting Trends & Adding Favorites: By allowing users to nominate, Sonorus encourages users to be trendsetters, to introduce their favorite tracks, and to be active participants in shaping the music landscape of the platform.

Empowering Artists:

  1. Artist Uploads: Artists have the option to directly upload their music to the Sonorus platform.

  2. Flexible Earnings: Sonorus will introduce a feature allowing artists to set their earning percentage for every transaction. This ensures artists have more control over their revenue and can tailor their earnings strategy based on their fanbase and content.

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