BeatMint AI Alpha (Discord)

BeatMint AI Discord Integration

To enhance community engagement and streamline the user experience with BeatMint AI, we've set up a dedicated category within our Discord server. This setup is designed to facilitate easy access to BeatMint AI's features while ensuring a structured and user-friendly environment for members of the Sonorus community.

Discord Channel Configuration

Category: "BeatMint AI"

This category houses three specific channels tailored to different aspects of BeatMint AI interaction.

  • Channel #1: "Introduction"

    • Visibility: Open to all, but posting is restricted.

      • Purpose: Admin pinned messages detailing BeatMint AI's features, usage rights, and access instructions.

      • Access: Initially exclusive to DJ node holders, with usage capped to ensure fair access.

        • Usage Limitation: Each us with the DJ Node Holder role is entitled to five uses per week, with counts resetting at a predetermined time.

        • Navigation: Includes a link to a verification channel for DJ node holder roles.

        • Early Access: Users that have received early access roles will be able to access the feature by getting their BeatMinter roles.

  • Channel #2: "Create Now"

    • Allows users to generate music through prompts with the /beatmint command followed by their text prompt.

  • Channel #3: "Hit Creation"

    • This channel displays the most upvoted generated tracks of recent periods.

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