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General Questions

How Sonorus is Working

What is Sonorus?

Sonorus is a Web3 music distribution platform, where everyone can decide the destiny of their favorite music. The process of listening becomes fun and financially rewarding via revolutionary Promote-to-Earn and Scout music to earn mechanisms. Users can simply make money through listening to and sharing music while bringing fair revenues to musicians. Sonorus hopes to free both creators and listeners from big labels, produce new promotion channels and platforms, and make good music spread broadly.

Earning Mechanisms of Sonorus

There are two earning mechanisms: Promote to Earn and Scout music to earn. When a listener pays for the streaming fee, 30% of the fee will be sent to the Scout music to earn pool, and the rest will be distributed via promote-to-earn. Promote-to-Earn is after paying a song's streaming fee, you are able to share it via your unique link with your friends and family. When anyone of them pays for the music from your link, you will share part of their payment. You only need 4 people to pay from your link to get your streaming fee back! If your friends who have paid from your link continue sharing music with others, more money will come to you. Scout music to earn is running independently. Each piece of music on Sonorus has an independent reward pool. 30% of each user's streaming payment will be added to the song's reward pool. At the end of each day (UTC), the remaining revenue in the reward pool will be shared evenly with previous users who have paid (excluding the new users of the day).

Why is Sonorus using Blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger. With the power of smart contracts, users' payments and earnings will be more transparent, accurate, and safe. Sonorus understands the crypto market is fluctuating. However, crypto is also an investment tool. Trade at the appropriate price will bring you extra revenue.

How much can I earn at Sonorus?

The revenue sharing mechanism is encoded on Sonorus smart contracts. The amount you can share from each streaming payment via promote-to-earn depends on your relationship with the paid user on the promotion chain. The closer to the paid user you are, the more you can share. The details can be found in the graph below. Each user can generate multiple promotion chains, and as long as 6 payments are generated from your link directly, you earn your own payment back.

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