Other questions

  • Which chain is supported by Sonorus?

Sonorus is now available on BSC (Binance Smart Chain), and will be across multi-chains in the future.

  • What music can I find on Sonorus?

Currently, Sonorus has covered most mainstream musicians and their songs in Vietnam, and some independent musicians' works are also included. Sonorus has not included music from other countries for the IP concern.

  • Is there an APP of Sonorus?

We're actually working on the Sonorus App, and it may be officially launched in the end of 2022.

Operational Questions

  • How can I find a song? There's no search bar on the page.

You can scroll down the music list to find your favourite musicians and their songs. Sonorus will keep updating the list for you and develop a search bar in a near future.

  • How can I share songs with others?

After paying for a song, you can click "share" in the bottom right corner. Then, feel free to copy and paste your unique link on Facebook, Twitter, Zalo and other social media, and invite your friends to join the party.

  • Can I create playlists?

Sonorus is still under development and more features are coming soon. We will launch the feature to allow users to create their own playlists shortly. If you are a playlist master, please contact us at +84385183100 on Zalo to share your lists. We will review them and select some to be on our home page!

  • Why I have not received my revenue

We settled revenues at 8 am on T+1 day, which means each day at 8 am, you can find your yesterday's revenues. The reason for implementing a daily-basis settlement is to make sure we have enough time to audit and provide the accuracy of each revenue payment. Please be patient if the revenue has not arrived in your account.

For the scout music to earn revenue, it will take you 2 days for calculation. It's because you share the revenue of new audiences of next day, therefore the revenue will be settled 2 days after you paid for the songs.

  • What about gas fees?

At Sonorus, you need to pay gas fees when purchasing SONO and withdrawing. The gas fee amount is approximately 0.00003 USD (0.7 VND)

Other Questions

  • How to contact you?

You can add us on Zalo at +84 385183100

or Telegram: @sonohelper

Our email is contact@sonorus.network

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